Sports News Website for College

Project NameClient NameProject TimelineSkills and Technologies Used
College Sports News Website HTML to WordPress MigrationKen StephensOne MonthHTML, CSS, PHP, WordPress, Gutenberg

Project Description

The project involved migrating a large website with 1200 posts and 600 photo pages from a custom HTML website to a WordPress website. The website featured news and information about college sports, and the migration process required transferring all of the content to the new platform without losing any data or functionality.

Challenges and Solutions

The biggest challenge for this project was the lack of export functionality in the old website. To overcome this, I created a subdomain and installed WordPress, allowing me to work on the migration without affecting the live site. I then bulk-downloaded all the HTML files from the old server and imported them into WordPress on the subdomain using some tools. However, the HTML files did not include author information, so I had to manually check each post and page to ensure that it was published by the correct author on the same date.

Another challenge was ensuring that the migrated site retained all of the features and functionality of the original site. This included ensuring that all photo pages with -20 photos were imported correctly and that any custom functionality, such as navigation menus, were recreated in WordPress.

Project Outcome

The migration was completed successfully, and the new WordPress site retained all of the functionality and features of the original site. Ken was pleased with the outcome, and the new site was launched on the main domain. The migration allowed for easier management and updating of the website and made it more user-friendly for visitors.

As a result, the site saw an increase in traffic and engagement, and Ken was happy to offer me more work on future projects, including a landing page for his business coaching program. Sports News Website screenshot for portfolio

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