WellShahmeena.com Wellness Website

Project NameClient NameProject TimelineSkills and Technologies Used
WellShahmeena.comShahmeena Fatima7 DaysWordPress, GeneratePress, Gutenberg, GenerateBlocks

Project Description

Our client, Shahmeena Fatima, approached us with the vision of creating a captivating wellness website, WellShahmeena.com. The main focus of the website was to serve as a blog platform for sharing valuable insights on wellness and related topics. The challenge lay in selecting an appealing color scheme and typography that resonated with the essence of wellness, creating an engaging user experience.

Challenges and Solutions

The primary challenge was to design a visually appealing website that represented the essence of wellness. To overcome this, we collaborated closely with Shahmeena Fatima, gathering her preferences and ideas. Through this collaborative process, we identified the perfect color palette and typography that aligned with the theme of wellness, creating a calming and inviting ambiance.

Additionally, we recognized the significance of optimizing the website for faster loading, considering the importance of user experience. To achieve this, we chose WordPress as the platform and incorporated the GeneratePress theme – renowned for its speed and efficiency. Utilizing the Gutenberg editor and GenerateBlocks Plugin allowed us to create a seamless and highly customizable layout, enhancing the overall user interface.

Testimonial From Feedback

Shahmeena Fatima


“Munendra from iFrameWeb is superb! I contacted him to develop a wellness website and he has done an amazing job. From day one, he has understood my requirements patiently and worked upon it. He also kept updating me about the site’s progress from time to time. Truly, I loved his work.

To anyone looking for a website developer/designer, you can trust Munendra! Go for his services. I wish him all the best.”

Project Outcome

The outcome of the WellShahmeena.com project was nothing short of astounding. We successfully delivered a visually stunning, high-performance wellness website resonating with Shahmeena Fatima’s vision. The website achieved exceptional performance and SEO scores, boasting a 95+ performance and SEO score in Google PageSpeed Insights and an A score with a 99% performance score in GTmetrix.

mobile page speed insights score wellshahmeena wellness website
Page Speed Insights – Mobile
desktop page speed insights score wellshahmeena wellness website
Page Speed Insights – Desktop
gtmetrix score wellshahmeena wellness website
Performance Score by GTmetrix

Furthermore, we went the extra mile in providing Shahmeena Fatima with a comprehensive tutorial video. This video served as a guide on managing the website, publishing blogs, and making minor adjustments independently, empowering her to maintain and update the website effortlessly.

We take immense pride in earning our client’s satisfaction and delivering outstanding results for every project we undertake.

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